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If you have a hint on quilting or sewing, please email it to us at countrystitches@tds.net. We would love to hear what you have to say and your Hint may be the one that is used for the next month!

We supply these to help you with everyday quilting, and to make quilting easier for you. We know that sometimes it can be a hasle trying to just do little things when working on a quilting project. So many people know many tricks to make all your work not be as difficult.

When i have little pieces of frabric on my work table or cutting board, I use a piece of needle punch or any batting to remove the pieces. It works great. Just swipe it over the surface abd the batting picks it up.

Save empty Tic Tac containers from the little breath mints. These small, lightweight containers are a great way to keep your sewing needles handy while traveling or going place to place. You can also use them to dispose of broken needles.

When you’re stuck choosing fabrics, a color wheel can help. Keep it handy learn how to use it properly, and you will be able to choose fabric colors with ease and confidence. Remember also when picking fabric to look at the bottom of the fabric because a lot of fabric has a color chart on the bottom with all the colors that are in the fabric. You always have a friendly quilt shop in your neighborhood to go for help.


Echo quilting consists of multiple concentric outlines stitched either inside or outside a patchwork piece, appliqe, or quilted motif. The quilting lines are spaced evenly, ¼” to ½” apart (closer if stitched on the side without seams allowance) and can be expanded to completely fill the foreground or background if desired. (Optional: Stitch in-the-ditch before echoing either outward or inward.)


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